Working Moms

Roseville Therapist for Working MomsAre you a working mother who feels overwhelmed with the demands of juggling work and family?

Are you so anxious about the next day’s events that you have trouble sleeping at night?  Is stress affecting your health or your relationships with other people who are important to you? Do you feel like a failure because you can’t manage to get it all done?

If this sounds like you…I know you…because I’ve been you. You are smart, hardworking, and a people pleaser. You try to meet the demands of your boss, husband, and children, all the while ignoring your own wants and needs. You keep wishing for more hours in a day but there aren’t any. When you do actually say “no,” you feel guilty about it. You knew managing work and motherhood wouldn’t be easy, but you had no idea it would be this hard. All you want is to have a happy husband, healthy kids, a good income, and some quality time for yourself – all in the great suburb of Roseville. Is it really too much to ask?

What can you do when everyone wants a piece of you and you feel you have nothing left to give? Or work keeps making more demands on your time without giving back in return? Although it seems hopeless at times, there are things you can do to manage these situations more effectively.

As a therapist, I can help you learn to:

  • Say “no” gracefully (and feel good about it)
  • Set better boundaries with people
  • Communicate your own needs to others – so that they help you!
  • Learn to prioritize
  • Get the self-care you deserve

If any of this strikes a cord with you, and you are ready to move towards achieving the work/life balance you want, contact me at (916) 622-3996 for a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if counseling is right for you. If so, we can work together to reduce your anxiety level and help you achieve the quality of life you so desire.