One of my Biggest Pet Peeves is…


I gotta tell you, and I know this will probably be a real shocker to you, but I have pet peeves. Yep, certain things drive me crazy. Because it’s always my goal that women feel empowered, the one issue that really makes me feel bad is when women struggle with low self-esteem. I just can’t stand the fact that someone would think they are less than someone else when they are not.

If you constantly put others’ needs before your own or don’t believe you are worthy of love, attention, or respect, I have news for you. YOU ARE JUST AS WORTHY AND DESERVING AS ANY OTHER PERSON ON THIS PLANET. Yes, I meant to shout that out to you. Now I know you may have heard it, but believing it is a whole different issue.

If you have low self-esteem, someone at sometime gave you the message that you didn’t matter. It may have been a verbal message or one delivered through emotional or physical abuse. The only thing that is certain is that it’s not your fault. However it got to you, it’s become embedded into the grooves of your brain. I see it as my job to help get it out.

Self-defeating attitudes can be changed! Some ways to get there include:

  • Recognizing and replacing self-defeating thoughts
  • Acknowledging your positive traits (yes, you do have them!)
  • Appreciating your body for what it is
  • Practicing daily affirmations of self-love, and
  • Truly hearing the good opinions of others.

The interesting thing about self-worth, is that it isn’t earned or proven. You are deserving simply by the fact that you are a human being. This makes you as worthy at Mother Theresa, Gandhi, or the Dalai Lama. The goal is to recognize and accept this truth.

And that is where the work begins. I hope you are ready to start loving yourself. If you are, I recommend you buy a book on self-esteem and faithfully practice the exercises in it, or consider starting therapy. Whatever your preference is, make the commitment and start today.

You’re worth it!

by jamiechin