Gifted ChildWhen you have a gifted child, parenting is an extra blessing and challenge. You’re proud and a little in awe of their abilities. And your own worries and frustrations can be overwhelming.

Perhaps you and your spouse have a little genius in your midst – reading early, excelling at math by 5th grade far beyond your adult abilities, winning the science fair every year.

And possibly getting teased, bullied or shunned by peers.

Maybe your child is an artistic or musical prodigy, or gymnastic or ice-skating record-breaker — eating, breathing and sleeping the discipline and skill development necessary to hone their craft.

 And possibly failing at academics, or being

emotionally temperamental and argumentative.

If this is the case, child therapy can help.

Whether your child is intellectually, creatively, or athletically advanced, parenting a gifted child puts a unique set of problems and pressures on you, on your child, and your marriage.  If you’re like most parents, you might be feeling:

  • concerned about normal friendships and socialization skills
  • worried about evaluating your child’s emotional readiness
  • guilty about wanting some time for yourself
  • swallowed up by your child’s demanding schedule
  • inadequate to help with even grade school homework
  • scared about the extra financial strains
  • irritated by arguments over normal discipline and chores
  • frustrated over arguments with spouse about making sacrifices
  • overly cautious and over-protective for your child’s safety

Raising children today seems much harder than ever before. As a result, you don’t know where to turn, and you can see that your child feels miserable.

 If any of this is sounding familiar to you,
I want you to know that I have a special interest
in helping gifted children and their families.

 When your child needs assistance in managing stress and social relationships, I can help.  When you need to sort through your own emotions, confusion, and fears, I’m here for you.  When you and your need input on parenting strategies that honor your child’s abilities while also holding boundaries and expectations, I’m well trained to provide that.

Call today and let’s get started!


Supporting smart parenting for smart kids

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