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Six Ways to Cope with Depression

As humans, we all experience a wide range of emotions. Just as we can feel immense joy and happiness, we also have to endure feeling sad or even depressed at times. If you’re feeling depressed, think about trying these tactics to see if they can help lift your mood. 1) Challenge your own thoughts. Consider […]

Happy Holidays from Roseville, CA Therapist

Managing Holiday Stress

Well folks, it’s November and you know what that means. So today I present the obligatory article about holiday stress and what you can do to manage it. This is something I’m dealing with myself as I attempt to juggle a myriad of activities for two kids, doctor and ortho appointments, my daughter’s birthday, and […]

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Starting Therapy

Because you are on this site, chances are you are searching for something far more meaningful than just the right therapist. That being said, the right therapist can be very instrumental in helping you reach your goals. No matter what your personal goal is, it’s likely that you just want to feel better so that […]