One of my Biggest Pet Peeves is…

I gotta tell you, and I know this will probably be a real shocker to you, but I have pet peeves. Yep, certain things drive me crazy. Because it’s always my goal that women feel empowered, the one issue that really makes me feel bad is when women struggle with low self-esteem. I just can’t […]

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Making the Decision to Divorce

Making the decision to divorce is never an easy one. If you are considering it yourself, then understand that you are not alone. Many marriages end for reasons having nothing to do with one of the partners. A marriage requires both partners be fully engaged, and sometimes this isn’t the case. Included below are some […]

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Grieving Your Divorce

Akin to the death of a spouse, divorce is a major source of loss. As an experiencer of this loss, expect yourself to go through a period of grieving. Mourning what was — and what will never be — are natural responses to separating from the person you thought would be your “forever.” Unfortunately, as […]