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5 Tips for Handling Conflict

Have you ever experienced a tense situation with someone and after you walked away, you wish you’d responded differently? Or maybe you didn’t know how to respond at all? The truth is, most of us are terrified of conflict. We’ll do whatever we can to avoid it. Our best avoidance strategies include ignoring phone calls, […]

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How to Say You’re Sorry

Talking to a colleague recently, we were lamenting the challenges of parenthood. Agreeing that we were both moms first, and therapists second, we acknowledged that we did not always take our own professional advice. We each divulged times when we had lost it and yelled at our kids. Not having to pay bills, prepare meals, […]

Big Decisions in Placer County
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Oh, Those BIG Decisions!

When you have a big decision to make, it can wreak havoc on your life. It doesn’t matter what the decision is – it could be whether to go back to school to get that master’s degree (so you’ll actually like your job) or it might be trying to figure out if getting divorced really […]